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I am a seasoned Engineering Manager specializing in software development life cycle, agile quality assurance, and test automation. With over a decade of experience across multinational and matrix organizations, including roles at IBM, LogMeIn, and 1&1, I have honed my expertise in driving high-quality product delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction. At Thomann Music, I continue to lead and mentor a team of Quality Engineers, defining quality assurance strategies that underscore the importance of quality across the organization. With a Master's in International Business IT Consulting and accolades such as the Best International Student of 2019 by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), my career is a testament to my dedication to quality, innovation, and leadership in the tech industry.



I approach every project with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. Believing firmly that passion is the backbone of innovation, I never settle for mediocrity, ensuring every task is pursued with full-hearted commitment.


My work ethic is built on the foundation of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. I stand by the principle that excellence is achieved not when there's nothing more to add, but when there's nothing left to take away.


I thrive on challenging the status quo and am not hesitant to venture into tough territories. Asking the hard questions and engaging in critical conversations are part of my repertoire, driven by a quest for truth and continuous improvement.


Engineering Manager @ Thomann Music

Sep 2022 – Present | Remote, Germany

In my current role, I lead a dynamic team of Quality Engineers, emphasizing the development and implementation of comprehensive quality assurance strategies. My focus is on fostering a culture that values precision and continuous improvement, ensuring our products meet the highest standards. I'm committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through meticulous quality control and innovative process optimization.

Software Quality Architect @ IBM

Apr 2022 – Aug 2022 | Remote, Germany

I spearheaded end-to-end (E2E) performance and accessibility testing within an agile framework, advocating for early quality interventions and efficient automation. My work contributed significantly to elevating the customer experience by ensuring high-quality software delivery and fostering a culture of quality across the team.

Senior Software Quality Engineer @ LogMeIn GmbH

May 2020 – Apr 2022 | Karlsruhe, Germany

My role was pivotal in streamlining software development and test automation processes, utilizing cutting-edge tools such as CodeceptJS and Playwright. I led the introduction of a new testing framework, significantly reducing regression cases and enhancing the efficiency of our testing procedures.

Quality Automation Engineer @ 1&1 Mail & Media GMBH

Jan 2019 – Feb 2020 | Karlsruhe, Germany

I focused on automating REST API and web layer tests, integrating continuous integration practices with Jenkins for unit and full functional regression tests. My efforts were instrumental in improving the reliability and speed of our testing cycles, contributing to a more robust and agile development process.

Application Quality Engineer @ IBM

Dec 2010 – Sep 2017 | Bangalore, India

While at IBM's Bangalore office, I played a key role in software application development, particularly for banking applications. I crafted Java automation testing scripts for feature and regression tests, honing my skills in automation tools such as Selenium and Appium. My responsibilities extended to managing end-to-end testing efforts across various platforms, including mobile native and web clients, ensuring our products met rigorous quality standards and delivered exceptional user experiences.


Hochschule Offenburg

Master's in International Business IT Consulting 2018-2020


Best International Student of 2019

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD-Government of Germany).
This award aims to give faces to the many international students at German universities and link them with their stories. The students who have received this prize via their respective host institutions stand for their fellow students worldwide. They are Germany’s future partners in economics, politics and science.


Sasha Grey

Fashion Weekly Editor

Julian has been our ace card for a while now – he's dependable, always delivering his work on time. The quality of his work is of such high standard that we often don't need too many layers of edits to get the first draft into the published version. He helps us cover meaningful stories with a distinct voice, while also working as a team player. If you're looking for a quality writer, Julian's one I'd vouch for.

Martha Smith

World Politics Editor

Julian is one of those writers who are able to distinguish their own voice throughout any piece of work, without losing the soul of the publication itself. He's able to pick up on some of the finer nuances of the political climate and express them in words that are easy to comprehend and digest by many audiences. He's a delight to work with, and such a nice person, too.

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